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Welcome to ACS Indonesian Intellectual Property Attorney

Welcome to Indonesian Intellectual Property Attorney, we can assist you to file Patent, Trademark, Design and Copyright with the Indonesian Patent Office. Please do not hesitate to contact us by email : and Whatsapp Number : +62 813 17 906 136


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Find a Patent and Trademark Attorney in Indonesia

If you want to file Patent or Trademark application in Indonesian Jurisdiction , you can contact us ACS Patent , we are the Indonesian Intellectual Property Attorney/ Indonesian Intellectual Consultant that registered in the Indonesian Patent Office. I have an experienced met with the Japan Patent Attorney, Korean Patent Attorney, USA Patent Attorney and Malaysian Patent Attorney. I have colleague in many country like Japan, Korean, USA, Malaysia, Singapore ect. I will give the special discount to file trademark application in Indonesia with the cheapest but with the best quality . Please do not hesitate to contact us in Whatsapp Number : +62 813 17 906 136 email : and As a bonus i will give you free Trademark search in Indonesia with the Legal Analysis. 

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